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Move through Anxiety and step into freedom









Are you...

1. Ready to let go of Anxiety?
2. Done being controlled by your emotions?
3. Ready to step into more FREEDOM? 

If you said yes to any of the questions above then you will definitely want to get in on the #StopDropMeditate Experience so you can finally shift into a way of being that feels good for you!


Meditate Now

What's the Challenge?

Maybe you’ve wanted to try meditating but didnt know where to start? The #StopDropMeditate experience was created to help create the habbit that gets you out of your head and into the present.

These 7 days will support you in moving through the tough emotions you might be experiencing and bring you back on track.

What You Will Learn

In the #StopDropMeditate experience you will receive:

  • Free meditation practice each day straight to your inbox
  • Learn how to #StopDropMeditate
  • Learn how to bring more intention into each moment
  • *BONUS: Each day you’ll have an opportunity to enter to
    win our grand prize

Meet Your Teacher

Hailey Lott is of the firm belief that we create from our minds. Inspired by her own success meditating, Hailey knows that if she can feel this good – you can too.

Self Love Scholar, Co-Host of The Mind Games Podcast, Self Love Sound Facilitator, Peak Performance Meditation Specialist, functional mobility yoga instructor, vibe creator, native Californian, card-carrying member of the Good Vibe Tribe, life enthusiast, and big ‘ole bundle of joy: Hailey Lott’s the real deal.


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"Better Than Ever"

The Meditation

A meditation to 10x your last season's Highlight Reel