Join The Sisterhood Circle Of Self-Care Practices - Hailey Lott


Any and all of your problems that you believe you want to “fix” begins with you taking the time to listen to you. It begins by finding a community of like minded women who want the same ease you're looking for.  It begins by creating teeny tiny practices to build trust within yourself. It can begin in The Sisterhood, the monthly virtual experience where you can be heard, seen and accepted exactly as you are. This community was created to give you the practices, the space, the time and the self healing you crave no matter where your life takes you.




On the first Saturday of every month Hailey will go live and leads you through an hour-long healing session to connect you back to your most grounded version of you. You’ll let go of any fears holding you back and step into what you want to create with ease.


On the last Sunday of each month your online hub will be updated with new affirmations, rituals, and practices to guide you into living a more intentional life experience and support you in moving through anything that doesn’t serve your highest good.





After each circle Hailey will spend time answering specific questions and doing live coaching for those present.



You will have access to an ondemand library filled with meditations, healing sessions, and breathwork circles to move you through anything that feels stuck or old.




Talking with Hailey is very calming and therapeutic for me because she helps me to sift through my thoughts and become more in touch with who I am and who I want to be. I love learning from her and always end our conversations feeling a strong sense of acceptance and self-love. - JULIA
I am so grateful to have Hailey as my group coach and mentor. She embodies love, strength, and kindness which are reflected throughout her programs. She has taught me how to show up for myself constantly and acknowledge my inner power. - DENI S
Every time I work with Hailey I return to my center - I return to my purpose and truth. Since I started working with Hailey, I've signed several new contracts and was able to quit a job I dreaded for years. Hailey helped me gain confidence, understand my value, and know my worth. She really is a gem and an absolute pleasure to work with. I feel grounded and centered when I'm in her presence, she will help you grow and live in your truth. - KELLY
Hailey helped me get grounded into the present moment again. She guided me back to my knowingness and intuition. What helped me significantly was that I was given such a safe space to be authentic with her. I felt deeply seen, heard, and understood. I walked away from the session feeling so assured and trusting of myself and was given actionable tools to lean into my power and intuition that I will carry for the rest of my life.  - KATHERINE 

 Join The Sisterhood, with both plans you'll get:


+ Live monthly breathwork circles with Hailey

+ Monthly affirmations + journal prompts for self connection

+ On-demand library of practices to prioritize you

+ Private Q+A, coaching and community with Hailey

+ Private community of women to celebrate and support you

+ Members only discounts and early access to Hailey's future offerings





  • + Lock in six months - commit to changing your life and get 1-month free.
  • + You'll get access to everything listed.







  • + Try it out with the month-to-month program, you'll get all the perks - just no discounts. 

  •  + You'll get access to everything listed.