7 Days of Meditation, Breathwork, and Self Care to take care of your Mental WellBEing

Meditate Now

Are you...

1. Ready to let go of Anxiety?
2. Done being controlled by your emotions?
3. Ready to step into more FREEDOM? 

If you said yes to any of the questions above then you will definitely want to get in on the #StopDropMeditate Experience so you can finally shift into a way of being that feels good for you!


Meditate Now

What's the Challenge?

Maybe you’ve wanted to try meditating but didnt know where to start? The #StopDropMeditate experience was created to help create the habbit that gets you out of your head and into the present.

These 7 days will support you in moving through the tough emotions you might be experiencing and bring you back on track.

what you get

Guided Meditations

8 meditations that were created to support you in reprogramming old subconscious beliefs in order for you to live consciously, from a place of choice. 

Self Healing Breathwork

The perfect practices to clear out any old, energy, thoughts, and patterns that are no longer serving you. Watch what happens when you surrender to the power of your own breath. 

Exclusive SDM Bonuses

Discounts to Hailey's virtual library of endless meditation, breathwork, functional mobility yoga and all the self care rituals you could ever desire.  


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"Better Than Ever"

The Meditation

A meditation to 10x your last season's Highlight Reel