Hailey and Ronnie Lott on Insecurities

podcast Jul 02, 2019



  • Mindset is everything…
  • What you believe is creating your life. What do you believe?
  • Check in with your perspective
  • Instilling faith from within
  • How to use other’s triumphs as inspiration
  • Writing and Burning
  • Seeing your insecurities with Love

“What’s exciting about our insecurities is that we can view them as opportunities to show up in a different way.” - Hailey

  • How are your insecurities keeping your safe?
  • How you can channel nervous energy
  • “We get to stretch our minds if we want to through overcoming our insecurities.” - Hailey
  • Learn to stretch yourself to break through your insecurities
  • How to use affirmations for extra support
  • The key is moving forward …

“It’s moving forward and feeling that you are achieving something. Allow yourself to see the progress you’re making every single day”- Ronnie

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