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Hailey and Ronnie's Journey with Mental Health

podcast May 07, 2019



Mental Health Awareness Month

  • Recognizing the power of taking care of your mental health every single day rather than when you're not feeling good

  • Why it's okay to not have  a “perfect play” everyday 
  • Climbing suicide rates with men and women
  • Hailey’s journey with mental health - how bullying lead her to therapy
  • Her experience being on antidepressants and healing naturally to live and thrive without them
  • Breakdown leads to breakthrough
  • “To get to where I am today  it took me to go through the moments I wanted to give up, or couldn’t do it and then teaching my self how to feel better with the tools that work for me.”- Hailey
  • “Learn to celebrate our vulnerabilities because this is what creates our strength” -Ronnie
  • The word weakness and using language to support and serve our highest selves
  • “The more we say our mental health issues are our weakness the more we will see people reluctant to share” - Hailey
  • Rewiring your brain and the steps you can take NOW
  • Think and grow rich - The Self Confidence Formula 
  • “Yesterday is gone, today is today, and what can I do with what have been given" -Ronnie
  • How we make peace with imperfection
  • "It's okay to have moments where you're not at the top of your game and the question is, how can I get better, how do improve, how do I find a way, how do I exhaust every moment?" - Ronnie
  • Create community and a safe place for you to be vulnerable
  • No matter where you're at in life learn to get better and to find the Champion within

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