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Honoring Strong Women

podcast Mar 12, 2019



  • What does living as a strong women encompass.
  • Learning to balance the Masculine and Feminine Energy we each have within us.
  • The energy and purpose of Grit.
  • Becoming true to who you are to support you in letting others opinion go.
  • Why we are affected by others and how to practice not being swayed in this way.
  • Allow your feelings to guide you through life. 
  • Figuring out who you are to support you in numerous areas of your life.
  • Strengthening your community through introspection of self.
  • We have the choice to choose the emotions that best serve us. 
  • Practice your worth in each moment by changing your thoughts to thoughts that feel good in the moment.
  • How to sharpen the tools in your tool box
  • Learn why Ronnie believes less is more in relationship with others

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