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Kerri Walsh on Transforming From Within

podcast Jul 23, 2019



  • Learn to establish a self care practice
  • Use major pain and loss as a catalyst for growth
  • Allow yourself to feel emotions but not allowing yourself to live in them
  • “Not only when it’s easy”
  • “We always have two choices - either choose to believe in yourself or choose to live in fear and NOT be on your own team”- Kerri

“If I want to kick as much ass I do, on and off the court, then my alignment to my source, to my god, to myself is everything - Kerri Walsh

  • Staying balanced - move towards your goal in small steps
  • Surrounding yourself with accountability and a community who holds you high
  • The simple explanation of Law of Attraction
  • Learning to be happy from within to attract what you want in your life
    Hafiz on the importance of Love
  • “ Create moments in your day for solitude because your going to hear yourself, or god, or your source in the silence and you’ll be able to hear what you need.”- Kerri

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