Dr. Lance von Stade on Healing from Within

lance podcast May 15, 2020

Dr. Lance combines fifteen years of multi-disciplinary sports medicine and sports performance experience at the Olympic and World Championship levels with his rigorous study of Nonviolent Communication and emotional intelligence to accelerate people along their paths toward physical performance as well as personal and professional achievement while helping his clients cultivate the emotional skills and self-perception to also experience the highest levels of fulfillment.  Dr. Lance is the owner of Golden Gate Chiropractic Center in San Francisco, a co-founder of Kairos Training Culture, a life & business performance accelerator for >2,000 chiropractors globally, and a lead facilitator of Move | Breathe | Meditate. He has facilitated over 300 sessions of movement, breathwork, and meditation in over thirty cities and six countries since 2012. In each of his roles, he cultivates spaces and provides input that helps our bodies and minds achieve the “ideal tension state” and enhances our ability to move, breathe, and communicate effectively within ourselves and those we care about most.   

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