Natalie Patterson on Living on Purpose
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Natalie Patterson on Living on Purpose

In this episode, Hailey and Ronnie are joined by Natalie Patterson, a poet, teacher, mental health advocate, and activist. Natalie's abundance of passion and wisdom shine in this episode as she talks about working with incarcerated black men, how she is able to connect with humanity on a deeper level, and what it could look like if we all finally recognized that we have "the juice" - and activated it.

Quotes from Natalie:

“Deception is part of why we don’t have access to our magic. When you’re not being clear about who you are, things don’t align for you.”

“I’m going to meet you, human to human and I’m going to trust that you’re going to show up - and if you don’t, you’re selling yourself short.”

“It’s really about how much fight you’ve got in you. If you think something you want is for other people, you’re right, it is. But if there’s an inkling in you that life can be better, you have to make the move.” 

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