Olivia Provan on Holistic Psychology

olivia provan podcast May 15, 2020


Olivia on Bringing Awareness to our Emotions


Mental health is all about awareness, and in this episode, Olivia will show us how to listen to your body and your internal voice. An expert in holistic psychotherapy, she believes that slowing down and being able to sit in our emotions can help to break the patterns of attachment to old stories. Mindfulness might seem difficult for some, but simply by being able to create space and get a little distance from our thoughts, we can start to notice and build awareness about our emotions.


“What in your life are you doing already that gives you that feeling where you are calm, you’re relaxed, and you really feel at peace” - Olivia


“What are the small ways that we can practice slowing down and getting more in touch with our bodies” - Olivia Provan

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