Shikari and Barry Bonds on Family
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Shikari and Barry Bonds on Family

Barry Bonds is an American pro baseball player who played for the Pittsburgh Pirates and San Francisco Giants, notably breaking numerous major-league records. In 2004 he became only the third major leaguer to hit more than 700 home runs in his career. 
However, one of his greatest highlights is his family, including his daughter Shikari who is learning to navigate life as a hard-working adult after having been given the world as a child. Shikari is learning to make a name for herself now - all on her own.
In this episode, Shikari and Barry Bonds join Hailey and Ronnie Lott to discuss how life changed for Ronnie and Barry after having kids, what it was like for Hailey and Shikari to grow up with successful parents, and what life is like as Hailey and Shikari step into their own. 
Show Quotes:
“There’s nothing better than having someone in your life who’s successful and can be a shining star to keep you focused and help you set goals for yourself.” - Shikari Bonds
“My kids were my biggest mental focus.” - Barry Bonds
“It’s very difficult for your kids when you’re at such a high level.” - Barry Bonds
“Sometimes as a parent you need to cut the umbilical cord and allow them to be who they want to be.” - Barry Bonds
“The best part of parenting is when you see things come full circle.” - Barry Bonds
“Sometimes I feel there’s an expectation to live up to the legacy of our parents and that can be hard sometimes.” - Shikari Bonds
“Nobody is exempt from trials and tribulations or mental health struggles.” - Barry Bonds
“We can always help our family, no matter what goes down, no matter how bad it is.” - Barry Bonds
“As you get older you learn that you have to protect your own mental health.” - Shikari Bonds
“Find a positive outlet whether that’s meditation or getting fresh air - find time every day to do that.” - Shikari Bonds
“Take a deep look inside yourself and realize there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Stride towards that light.” - Barry Bonds
“All we can do is try to make sure we can serve and help.” - Ronnie Lott
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