Tareq Azim on The Disease of Fear Part I



Bio for Tareq Azim

 Professional Experience: 6x Mixed Martial Arts World Champion Head Coach, Head of off-season Development of NFL,UFC, RWL and MLB standouts, competitive product of Wild Card Boxing- Juan Carlos Martinez/ Freddie Roach, American Jiu Jitsu/ Gracie Academy Black Belt, Created the Afghan Women's Boxing Federation, Fresno State University Football Linebacker

 Notes Part 1: 

  • If you don’t have your mind than you have nothing
  • Fear is a disease that gives you only two options - to either be stuck or to move forward with acceptance 
  • What does freedom to live content mean and have you experienced it?
  • Pain and discomfort can paralyze us but insecurities are just an excuse we use to not capitalize on an opportunity
  • If it wasn’t for fear you wouldn’t understand love. We need to have and experience both. 
  • How to embrace all of you, the stuff you love and the stuff you may not be so proud of
  • Learn to bet on yourself
  • How to see fear as your opportunity 
  • Why would be scared of something that makes us aware? This is Fear..
  • Learning to take back control of your life by no longer allowing others to control you through the need of their approval  
  • Realize your own truth to face it and use it to your advantage
  • Some people are not destined to be good because some men cannot see themselves as good - it is all in your mind
  • What would it be like if you woke up every day saying I’m great?
  • Learn what all the religions have thing in common 
  • The ways religion terrifies people because it holds them accountable to their truth
  • The many ways we are all connected and how speaking from an authentic place can inspire those around you to do the same - it starts with one of us 
  • Trusting that we are all one - what does this look and feel like
  • Social media and likes make us feel like we are legitimate - how can you break this cycle and learn to depend on yourself 

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