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Taylor Ricci from Dam Worth it on Athlete Mental Health

podcast Jun 11, 2019



  • Mental health is a spectrum. Starting with Mental health and ending at Mental Wellness.


  • “Mental health is working towards getting through the hard parts of life to reach mental wellness.” - Taylor Ricci


  • “Mental health does not discriminate. Everyone goes through the hard stuff. It’s not a matter of if but when.”  - Taylor Ricci
  • The first step of healing for Taylor was going into the school’s therapist office. She was then able to learn how to turn her tragedy into something that felt good
  • Processing the suicide and loss of a teammate. How this was the birth place of the Damn Worth It Campaign
  • Ending the Mental Health stigma and what this looks like as a College Athlete
  • Learn to share your story to inspire others to do the same   
  • How Damn Worth It has been moving through the PAC 12 and spreading the importance of Mental Health
  • Taylor shares her #1 Mental Health tip

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