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Hi! I'm Hailey

Hi! I'm Hailey and I am so grateful that you are here. My vision to share the importance and knowledge of a holistic approach to healing is finally all living here and I know you will find what you are looking for. I envision the majority of our planet living at their own personal level of peak performance by utilizing different modalities such as nutrition, yoga, and the biggest reigning contender Meditation.

This first time I practiced meditation I was 10 years old when my mom gathered our family around the kitchen table and asked us to sit still with our thoughts. My ten-year-old self was far from ecstatic. I felt like my thoughts actually got louder ! After this, I continued to explore meditation (forced and unforced!), searching for the “Meditation High” I had heard my mom and her friends talk about. When I had my first experience of unbounded conscious awareness, I was hooked. I continued to practice and I saw myself being calmer in situations of conflict, I got in touch with who I am outside of the noisy chatter my mind had been filled with in the past, and I found peace. I was no longer controlled by my limiting beliefs, thoughts, and stories but learned to be teammates with my ego. This shifted my life.

When we live from our intuition, our energy and actions inspire the best possible outcomes to unfold naturally. We no longer have a mountain to climb, and things unfold more fluidly than ever before.


I believe it’s possible for us all to find freedom, joy, and contentment in each moment we are alive when we tap into the infinite resources we all have within.

The Mind Games Podcast

Mind Games is designed to destigmatize Mental Health and to create a team huddle that allows each individual to know that they are not alone.

The Mind Games Podcast has created a community of thousands, ranked in the top 25 podcast and was a New and Noteworthy podcast on Itunes when is first launched in January 2019.

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I also help hundreds of people worldwide to transform their mindset through online experiences such as The Peak Performance Athlete and Intro to Peak Performance.

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I’ve been featured in Gentry Magazine, The San Francisco Magazine, and launched The Mind Games Podcast on KTVU. I have spoken at conferences and events including CHAC, Platform 1440, and All Stars Helping Kids.

Mind Games in the City

Come along as I mindfully make my way through the city and follow me @haileylott_


"Better Than Ever"

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