Paula Pavlova on Self Healing

In this episode, Hailey and Ronnie are joined by Paula Pavlova of Pavlova Wellness. She is a yoga teacher, reiki master, writer, entrepreneur, meditation teacher, and crystal healer. Paula drops SO many truth bombs in this episode regarding health, wellness, mental health, and what science is now revealing about holistic healing. Grab a pen because in this episode, you'll want to take notes! 

Quotes From Paula:

“Change is the only constant. When we say things never change, that's an excuse to stay stuck in our patterns.”

“Sometimes we think we’ve let things go and we send theoretical love and light to that experience - but forgiveness doesn’t work like that. It actually takes work to move through it.”

“This mindfulness stuff is only going to change the world if we can integrate it into the tangible mainstream world. We have to be willing to marry spiritual health and physical health.”

“There’s an inextricable link between the mind and body, so as you practice mental health you are actually cleaning up your body.”

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