Self Saboteur


Show Notes:
In this episode, Hailey calls each of us into awareness of our inner saboteur. She names the many ways our self-saboteur can sneak up on us, and how it isn’t always obvious. Looking for tips on how to take control of that saboteur? Hailey’s got you covered. She shares some tips on how to not only recognize it, but manage it - because you get to control it instead of having it control you! 
Show Quotes:
“You get to figure out what your saboteur sounds like.” - Hailey
“Once we identify the voice, we get to separate ourselves from the voice - recognizing that that’s not who we truly are.” - Hailey
“It’s important to recognize that the saboteur does not always sound super negative.” - Hailey
“Ask yourself, is this the voice you want to listen to? And then you get to choose.” - Hailey
“Often times we run away from what we think is the shadow, but that’s a problem because we are actually resisting it and making it wrong when it’s not wrong.” - Hailey
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