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Want to finally break free from the old emotions that are holding you back? And do it from the comfort of your own home? 1 + 1 Healing Breathwork will support you in releasing past blocks so you can finally step into your light. Each session is customized to fit your specific needs. Let's heal together.

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"My fave thing about Hailey is the energy she brings to the class. I instantly felt connected to her during our first class and felt like she was someone I could see myself being friends with. Hailey seems to connect with everyone on this level!"

Lauren W.

"Hailey’s meditations are the most powerful group meditations that I’ve experienced! Her calming voice is perfect to set the tone but what really keeps me going back are the creative, empowering meditations she writes."


"I love how Hailey always incorporates broader themes into her guided meditations, and brings a unique experience each and every class."

Fiona K.

"My favorite thing about each class is how she always makes everyone feel welcome, even if it is their first time in class or their first time meditating. "


"I love the way you bring references to white/golden light, clear vibration, and love into your meditations, and I especially love the singing bowls. And I just resonate with who you are as a beautiful being :) "


"I thoroughly enjoy the beauty of the music Hailey creates and wisdom she interjects into each class. "


"This was my first ever meditation class. I am going again today and can’t wait. I have anxiety and someone told me to try this. You were great and so helpful for my first time. Things I loved - Calming voice, helping me to get past the outside distractions, and making me feel comfortable on my first time! Thank you so much!! "


"Just wanna say again that meditating with you is one of the things that really helped me grow as a person this year: from finally making my move to NY to becoming a better comedian and discovering more of myself. THANK YOU! "


"I love the overall energy! It’s so hard to choose just one thing I loved about the night but journaling helps me put words to my feelings that I don’t always make time for day to day. It’s also so lovely being surrounded by encouraging and supportive women. "

Maddie B

"I loved the release from the breathwork and how calm /in touch with myself I felt after the sound healing. Also loved hearing everyone share their contrasts. It felt real, safe, and judgement free. "


"This was my first meditation and I loved that it was guided - it kept me on track and helped me quiet my mind. I loved the time to journal after. It’s something I always mean to make time for, but never comes to fruition. "


"When I have my moments of doubt or when I'm feeling down, I sometimes hear your voice telling me I got this. That's how much you've impacted me. "

Anne C

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