Self Care in Challenging times with Hailey


In this episode, understand what self care can look like and get in depth support from Hailey on how to hold space for your mental health in these challenging times. Some of the core tenets of self care that Hailey discusses are how to grieve, rest, get curious, have self compassion, and find gratitude.
"People of color are going through a re-traumatization. Going back to past racist experiences and grieving them now." - Hailey
"I compromised my own safety, myself, because I wanted other people to feel comfortable instead of prioritizing myself." - Hailey
"This work is not easy - and - I recognize that it is the ultimate catalyst for growth." - Hailey
"The spiritual path is not always love and light. It's yin and yang, up and down, light and dark. We have to have both to have this human experience." - Hailey
"In your darkest times, I want you to remember that you have survived all of your most difficult days and moments so far. That's proof you can get through it.
"Yes, the difficult conversations need to happen, but you don't need to have them with everyone. You only have so much energy to give."
"You have the ability to process, carry, learn from, and listen to all of your difficult emotions if you choose to." - Hailey
"The wellness practice is really about recognizing that our emotions don't define who we are." - Hailey
"When we have a wound and we dive deep into it, the light can come through it and help us cleanse it and wash it away." - Hailey
"Compassion does not mean always justifying bad behavior - it's being able to understand another person's experience without expectation, and recognize we all only have the tools we have at the time." - Hailey
"When I remind myself of the things right in front of me that i'm grateful for, I notice an opening." - Hailey
"I want less suffering. I want more love. I want more justice." - Hailey

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