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Roxanne Saffaie on Living in Greatness

 In this episode of the Mind Games Podcast, Hailey and Ronnie welcome Roxanne Saffaie to the show. Roxanne is an empowerment coach and a beauty and wellness consultant who has worked her way...


Coach Orgeron on Commitment

In this episode, Coach Ed Orgeron, head coach of the Louisiana State University football team, joins us! We discuss what mental health looks like for athletes today, how it's different than it was...


5 Practices to Move Through Anxiety with Hailey Lott

anxiety podcast May 15, 2020

In this episode, Hailey discusses the 5 practices to move through anxiety, going to depth with each practice.

5 Practices to move through anxiety

  1. Movement 
  2. Breathing
  3. The Clap Back
  4. Getting...

"Better Than Ever"

The Meditation

A meditation to 10x your last season's Highlight Reel